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Casamance Aventura behang Monterosso 75541834

€ 139,00 (inclusief btw)

Casamance Monterosso behang

Artikelnummer: 7554 18 34

Afmetingen: 10M lang x 70CM breed

Patroon: 70CM

Kleur: terra, oker, rood, zwart

Lijmadvies: Perfax Roze

Kwaliteit: vinyl op vliesbehang

Levertijd: 3-4 werkdagen


Casamance Aventura Monterosso

Bathed in soft sunlight, irregular facades appear. Monterosso, one of the older villages in the Cinque Terre appears. Built on the steep cliffs, its colourful houses blend beautiful into the grain of the paper. It seems to be woven in linen and adds a Mediterranean feeling to the design, recalling the Italian way of life.

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